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Alumni Feature: Joshua

When Joshua Saddleback was in Grade 5, he was a natural athlete and, in his own words, “a showboat” on the basketball court.
Noting his son’s lack of interest in academics, Vern Saddleback, who holds an economics degree and an MBA and is now Councillor of the Samson Cree Nation, could see that Joshua needed a different learning environment.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Joshua Saddleback 
"I can't say enough good about this school," says Vern.

The choice of MANS wasn’t based on comparing curriculum and teaching competence, but on the things that set MANS apart. As his son’s grades went from C’s to A’s, Vern knew he had made the right decision. His son was on his way to the next level of success.  
Now Joshua, who became one of Alberta’s top high school quarterbacks, has been recruited by the Edmonton Huskies to play college football while he attends Grant McEwan University.
“Even though I didn’t continue with basketball,” says Joshua, “I really learned about teamwork and sportsmanship from Coach at MANS.”

It shows: Joshua was there at MANS’ first Alumni Basketball Tournament, mentoring the students who play where he played, inspiring and cheering them on. “I want to give back,” he says. “When I came to MANS, I was really shy; when I left, I didn’t want to hold back. I just wanted to give everything my best!” he grins. “I have to blame that on Mamawi Atosketan.”

                                                                                                            Joshua with MANS students and alumni having fun at the annual Alumni Basketball Tournament