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Dollars and Sense
investing in success

A recently-completed addition to the existing facility created enough additional space to allow our first Grade 12 students to complete high school in June of 2015, but that was only a stopgap measure.

Without an expanded campus and curriculum, the school’s impact—along with the success and potential of our students—will be stunted.
Tapering Investment, Increasing Returns

The front end cost of adding a fully-equipped high school at MANS will pay the same low cost/high yield dividends that MANS has been consistently delivering. A study of approximately 1,000 schools that belong to the same private system as MANS showed that the on-going cost of delivering a MANS-quality education is low—much less than private schools whose students score in the same standardized test range (above the national average).*

Even though MANS and its sister schools are comparable to public schools in terms of economic and socioeconomic diversity, students in this private system consistently perform above the national average, and there is no significant correlation between a school’s budget and student achievement.*

* A study conducted by La Sierra University, Riverside, California, found that the cost of achieving the same standardized test results ranged from $2,000-$4,000 per student in the Adventist school system compared to up to $12,000 per student in private schools with stringent entrance requirements.

Private investment in MANS has a proven high-yield return in academic achievement. The modest operating cost of MANS' education delivery will benefit a much wider community: Educated First Nations students become successful professionals, skilled tradespeople, business and community leaders, and entrepreneurs.
A Return on Investment

In this video, see First Nations businessman and
Honorary Campaign Chair Larry Wilkins explain why he invests in the students at MANS.