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“Add a Teacher” Matching Challenge

Change disappointed kids on a waitlist into a second Grade 10 Class


The 55 high school students enrolled this fall were the lucky ones. A whole second classroom of Grade 10 students on a waiting list had to seek other alternatives because the available Grade 10 seats were the first to fill. 

IT’S A PATTERN. Each fall, there’s a waiting list. But this history doesn’t have to keep repeating. We can invest in a filled-to-capacity, self-sustaining high school in Fall 2023 by raising money now to hire an additional teacher. 

Getting a Grade 10 seat helps kids stay on track and on a more direct graduation timetable. Transfering later in in their high school years can be a challenge, sometimes adding significant time in high school.

The “Add a Teacher” Matching Challenge sponsor is passionate about making a MANS diploma available to more kids. The $50,000 matching doubles your gift! With a second section of Grade 10s, we can help ensure more smiles and hope.