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MANS First Principal / Teacher Speaks at Campaign Launch

On August 1, Sandra Kiehlbauch Toms helped launch the Bridge Campaign at Foothills Camp near Bowden, Alta. Toms recalled the difficulties of opening with 17 students, and contrasted it with what she saw when she attended the Milestone Celebration Openhouse in April, 2015. Part of her speech—“The 1-2-3 Principal”—is reproduced below:

In this envelope I have three pieces of currency, there is a one, a two, and a three.

One. Because it always starts with one. One dream. One prayer. One God. One equals pure potential! Raw unbridled energy.

But one by itself is lonely. It longs for two. Two for conception. Two for conversation. Two who work together in harmony on a common goal, The Bible speaks of the power of two.

But the real magic happens when you add three and more.

Look what’s happened at MANS. Ed Desjarlais had a dream, I had a skill. Marlene Sinclair, my teacher’s aide, had experience with the culture. Pastor Van Diemen had dedication, as did Linder Calderbank who carried the school through the second year.

Because of the trust of parents, support of the Conference, skill of the teachers, and the support of many who have added their love, MANS has become what it is today. But I guarantee none of it would be possible without the prayers of every single "one".

Sometimes it seems like our contribution is not much. But one tiny pebble can produce effects that ripple forever.

Please join me in supporting the expansion of Mamawi Atosketan and its new high school.