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Stealing the Show

The two young welding artists who got their start at Mamawi Atosketan Native School (MANS) and unveiled their commission from the City of Lacombe this past fall were featured in an international show of welded art this July.

Miweyihtowin is one of only two student works featured in the 2021 International Institute of Welding Welded Art Photographic Exhibition. The exhibition, which includes professional artists and select artists in other categories, can be viewed and downloaded here.

“I have tried to show the true benefits and value of welded art using the messages at the beginning of each section in the Collection,” wrote Chris Smallbone, exhibit organizer, in correspondence with Lynn McDowell, who assisted in the collection of material for Tessa Potts and Eileen Firingstoney’s submission. “Eileen’s and Tessa’s contributions, and your assistance in helping me link to them, has truly helped us achieve this objective.”

If you would like to comment on the MANS student contribution or other pieces in the show, please write #welding and #iiw2021 on their text and mention the International Institute of Welding and Aristea.