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What's it Mean to You?

Levi Nepoose: What's it Mean to You?

I believe in this school.

Levi Nepoose, MANS Parent, Professional dancer, Ground Breaking Pow Wow organizer
Pictured: Levi in full regalia he made. Photo credit: Crux Phiri
Pictured: Levi in full regalia he made. Photo credit: Crux Phiri

The air was electric at MANS' High School Ground Breaking. It was charged in part by the dynamic presence of Northern Cree, the award-winning First Nations traditional music group, and by Levi Nepoose, the man who'd organized their performance. An imposing 6'4" in full regalia, Levi commanded the proceedings as wide-eyed students joined their musical heroes in the drumming circle—an experience they will never forget. 

Famous in his own right as a competitive traditional dancer, Levi spoke with conviction as the camera rolled. "We don't live for today," he said, "we live for tomorrow. In my home, that's how I teach my kids."

It's the hope that's kept Levi and his community alive, and the reason Levi brought his children to MANS.

"I'm so grateful for what this school has done for my children," Levi says with passion when the camera is turned off. "I don't have a lot, but this pow wow—that is something I can give."

Levi's fervent hopes for his children have been tested, but MANS gave him reason to believe. This spring, his second daughter will be part of MANS' third graduating high school class.

"Believing in this school and where they're at, where they're going," reflects Levi, "I wouldn't be here, and [my children] wouldn't be here if I didn't believe in this school."

A father's heart is revealed—a lesson of perseverance and of faith in the teachings his family found at MANS. Though everything else passes away, this remains to sustain us: faith, hope and (the greatest of these) our charity toward each other.